توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

The Difference between Electric and Gas Heating Fruit Dryers

In this article, we are going to discuss fruit dryers and the difference between electric and gas heating fruit dryers. Of course, it has happened many times that you pass by a pastry shop, and different types of nuts and dried fruits attract your attention. These fruits can tempt you so much that you immediately buy them. However, the price of these dried fruits is never similar to their beautiful appearance. The confectioner sells you these chips at several times the real price by buying only one fruit dryer machine and a few kilos of fruit.
Given what has been said, isn't buying a fruit dryer machine so much affordable? You no longer have to look at nuts and dried fruits with envy every time you pass a pastry shop. Just buy a few kilos of cheap fruits and put them in the fruit dryer machine. Your healthy, colorful, and delicious snacks are so easy to prepare.

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Is It Better to Buy an Electric or a Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machine?

Now that you have decided to buy a fruit dryer, you need to look for a good quality machine. Fruit dryers, like other modern equipment, have different types, each with its own advantages. Therefore, we must first evaluate their features and capabilities to finally compare them.

Types of Fruit Dryer Machines

Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machine

Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machine

These machines need gas fuel energy to produce heat. Gas Heating Fruit dryers are very large and occupy a considerable amount of kitchen space. Due to their large size, these machines are mostly used in confectionery workshops. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't use them at home. The only downside of Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machine compared to other types of desktop fruit dryers is their large size. These machines consume 1 to 2 liters of gas per hour. Due to their large size, they are expected to have a daily production capacity of 60 to 70 kg of dried fruit.
Electric Fruit Dryer Machine

Electric Fruit Dryer Machine

To be able to answer the question "Is It Better to Buy an Electric or a Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machine?" let's take a look at Electric Fruit dryer machines.
Their power consumption is very low due to their small size, so there will be no worries about their space. These machines are produced in various designs, which may be oval, round, or rectangular. However, due to the small size of these machines, it is not possible to monitor the process by observation. Usually, we have to open the door to get known about the drying of the fruit.
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Conclusion of Electric and Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machines Comparison

As mentioned, these two types of machines have advantages and disadvantages; In such a way that their dimensions cannot be criticized. Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machines indeed take up a lot of kitchen space, but they can dry more fruit. Therefore, it is not possible to say with certainty which of these two types of fruit dryers is better. You need to choose them according to the purpose as well as the capacity you need.
Buying a fruit dryer machine can give you complete self-sufficiency. Just buy a few kilos of fruit and put it in the fruit dryer for a few hours. With a little calculation, you'll find that you've made a lucrative deal and no longer have to worry about buying expensive dried fruits. Before buying these machines, it is recommended to evaluate the price and quality of fruit dryer machines to buy the best one.
Fruit dryers are the best choice for producing all kinds of dried fruits and vegetables and even dried foods. These machines have various types and are sold with different designs and sizes. Fruit dryers by heating evenly, are dried the fruit without burning it. Of course, some machines emit less heat so that the minerals inside the fruit are not destroyed. The fruit dryer machines have fireproof plastic trays and are completely resistant to temperature.

Fruit Dryer Machines Mechanism

From years ago, with the increasing interest of dried fruits, fruit dryer machines were widely produced. Consumption of dried fruits increased, so some people decided to buy fruit dryers to save more money. In this way, they could produce the dried fruit they needed. The fruit dryers have three main pieces of machinery, including thermal elements, main body fan, and tray.
In the process of drying fruit, the thermal elements are first activated. The heat is distributed evenly inside the machine using a blower, which dries out the moisture in the fruit. Then, this moisture is directed out through the ventilation system. The heating process is done evenly for a few hours until the fruit becomes completely dry. Now that the fruit has dried, it is best to keep them at room temperature for a few hours to be ready to eat.

Effective Factors for Choosing a Fruit Dryer Machine

  • Fruit dryer mechanism
  • Type of fuel consumed
  • Tray material type
  • Necessary standards
  • Warranty
  • Body material
  • Power consumption
  • Production capacity

The Main Parts of Fruit Dryer Machines

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Bekrdaneh D500 Dehydrator

Bekrdaneh D500 dehydrator is a medium-size fruit dryer with one of a kind design in the capacity of 15 kg is a good choice for home use, organic stores and workshops.
Bekrdaneh D500 Dehydrator

Bekrdaneh D1000 Dehydrator

Bekrdaneh D1000 dehydrator is a large-size fruit dryer machine with one of a kind design in the capacity of 30 kg is a good choice for organic stores and workshops.
Bekrdaneh D1000 Dehydrator

Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a Fruit Dryer Machine

  • There are different types of fruit dehydrators. The type of fuel used varies depending on the application.
  • In industrial applications, Gas Heating Fruit Dryer Machines are used to reduce costs and save energy. The fuel used by the industrial machines is natural gas, and the size is larger than other models.
  • When buying a fruit dryer machine for home use, you should first pay attention to their power consumption. The lower the power consumption, the lower fuel needed.
  • It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of fruit dryer machines, and they should be purchased according to the required capacity. Note that the larger the machine, the higher its power consumption.


In this article, we introduced the mechanism of the fruit dryers. These machines are the best options for drying fruits automatically. Thanks to these machines, there is no need to spread the fruit in the sun. Fruit dryers make it possible to dry fruits all year round and enjoy eating them with the family. Note that before buying these products, you should pay attention to their power consumption so that you can buy them depending on the required capacity. The higher their power consumption, the more electricity or gas fuel is needed.