توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده
توضیحات برای عکس ثبت نشده

All about Cold Press Machines

Specialists in the field of edible oils use several methods for extracting oils from seeds. The cold press method is the best way that is very healthy and preserves the seeds' nutrients. Cold press oil is the best oil for edible use.
The Bekrdane engineering team has designed and manufactured unique cold press oil machines. There are various models of these high-quality machines. Bekrdane cold press machines are suitable for use in homes, workshops, and stores due to their capacity and functionality. These machines' features include a very powerful gearbox with all-steel gears, an industrial electromotor, a digital control panel with the ability to choose the type of seed, the capability to assemble and disassemble parts easily, no noise operation and affordable price. In the following, you can read all the things you need to know about cold press machines.

What is Cold Press Method?

How the oil is extracted from seeds via a low-heat technique is called Cold Press Method. In the cold press extraction method, the oil is extracted by mechanical pressure on the seeds, and the oil temperature should not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49°C). It deals with a process through which a hydraulic press is utilized to extract the oil from potential sources like seeds, olives, coconut, and flowers. This method is also regarded as Scarification or Expression. The most significant point about the cold press method is that the precious features of the seeds damaged in other extraction methods are preserved within the structure of the cold pressed oil.

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BD85 Eco cold press machine

Cold pressing oil extraction is the best solution among different oil extraction methods in which no chemical composition is used, and the oilseeds are not harmed at all. In the cold press method, sesame oil is produced by applying pressure to the seeds at low temperatures without inserting any damage to the sesame seed structure. It should be mentioned that when the structure of the seed is damaged (through other methods and techniques), the produced oil is not clean and should be filtered with micron filters to be cleared from any impurities.

Generally speaking, the oil extraction method mainly depends on the type of source material and the oil consumption goal. In some of the oil extraction methods, the oil is separated from the source material. It does through the exposure to an external heating source or some chemical compositions. Nonetheless, this not the case for the cold press method as the ultimate aim of this type of oil extraction is to make the source to oil in a series of gradual steps without involving any external damaging element.

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One of the main advantages of cold press method over other traditional extraction methods is that it produces the final oil with maximum quality. In other words, what matters in this modern method is quality rather than quantity. Therefore, for those seeking more volume of oil extraction, counting in different ways, most of which involves heat and chemical interference, will be a better choice. However, using other methods will lead to some damages to the natural structure of the source. For instance, in hot press extraction, the produced oil usually has a sort of deficiency in color and other vital attributes.

How does Cold Press Method Work?

The high-quality method developed over time takes its name from the German terms "kalt geschlagen." Today, the cold press method has been accompanied by large machinery to squeeze the oil out of source material. As mentioned above, the process of oil extraction via the cold press method is done in several steps.
First, the source materials are mashed into a paste after being cleaned of any imperfection or impurities. While being continuously mixed, the paste is exposed to a standard pressure to coax the oil out. In the cold press method, the required pressure is provided by a cylinder which has a large screw. Indeed, the source materials to be extracted are poured into this cylinder. In this way, the oil is forced out and drained from the bottom of the machine. Finally, the extracted oil is filtered to get ensured that it has the best clarity level and also is free of any sort of impurity.
It is worthy to say that the cold press method for oil extraction does not need any external heating source to run the process. What fuels the extraction journey is a sort of internal heat produced as a result of the friction created throughout rotating the paste mixture. As you know now, the goal of the rotation aforesaid is to separate the best and nutrient-dense oil from the seed source.

What are the Significances of Cold Press Method?

Cold pressing method is believed to be the most popular method to extract oils from the seeds of plants and their fruits. One reason behind this belief is that the final extracted oil retains its integrity, color, and potency during the cold pressing process. As a result, the final oil you receive for your consumption will offer you more excellent health benefits, and you can be sure about what you pay for. As the name of the method implies, there is no external heat source involved in the extraction process of the oil since any application of external heat or chemical composition will lead to various damages to the structure of the final oil. As mentioned before, in the cold press method, any required heat to run the oil separation process is supplied internally. It should be said that during the cold press operation, the heat level involved must be continuously controlled. This monitoring is done because the high level of heat (above the standard level) can harm and damage the fragile components within the oil. No one wants to lower the nutritional value and health benefits of the final produced oil.

BD135 cold press oil machine

What differentiates between the cold press method and all other oil extracting techniques is that the very process does not harm the precious natural properties of the oil, including purity, potency, color, flavor, odor, and nutritional value. Indeed, these properties are 100% retained during and after the process. Someone might say that any oil extraction process without an external heat source is in vain as the high temperature enhances the extraction rate. Although the presence of the heat will lead to a higher quantity, it is the quality that counts when it comes to oil extraction. It means that any external heat element is absent in the oil cold press method for the sake of more quality since heat can damage the precious antioxidants, vitamins,and minerals of the oil. In the following, we’re going to explain in detail three significances of the cold press method.

Pure Oil

When you buy oil for your consumption, it is your absolute right to know what you pay for. If you are concerned about your healthy life and dedicated to quality, what you should be getting for your money must not be a sort of impure oil with added lots of solvent or extractor ingredients. You also don't deserve a kind of oil, the structure, and molecules of which have been damaged by the heat during the extraction procedure. If you are seeking the purity for your oil consumption, then you should choose those oils extracted through the cold press method. In this method, the oil comes out of the seeds via pressure, not by heat or any harmful chemicals.

Pure Oil

Nutrient-dense Oil

Cold press oils retain high antioxidants and nutrients that you need for your healthy life. As mentioned before, heat will destroy or significantly reduce the number of nutrients and antioxidants in the oil. Your body needs those edible oils rich in nutritional components like Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. Cold-pressed oils retain the desired nutrients you seek to ensure you get the results from what you pay for.

nutrient-dense oil

Fragrant Oil

When you cook some food with oil, you want to smell the pleasant scent out of the pan. The output of the cold press method is an oil with the cleanest flavors to use for cooking and baking. Cold-pressed cooking oils can be calming and therapeutic due to their scents, and cold pressing is the best way to preserve the sweet smell as it doesn't get burned or evaporated away.

Fragrant Oil

What are the Differences Between Cold Press Method and Other Oil Extracting Methods?

In this part, we will talk about three oil extraction other than the cold press method.

1. Solvent Extraction

In this type of extraction, which is commonly used for large-scale commercial products, the oil is separated from the seeds using specific chemicals. After the addition of chemicals to the mixture, the coaxed oil is exposed to a high point of heat to be cleaned of the excess solvent chemicals. The two most important differences between this extraction technique and oil cold press method are:
- In the solvent extraction, the oil is produced through the application of chemicals and also heat. While in the cold press method, the oil is extracted from the seed via pressure.
- As in solvent extraction, particular compositions, as well as the high temperature, is required to enhance the extraction rate, many of the nutrients are removed from the oil produced. However, the nutritional value of the oils extracted by cold press method retains, making them beneficial for your health.

2. Percolation

Percolation is a fantastic technique in which the extracting element is high-temperature steam. Contrary to other methods that use chemicals or pressure to squeeze the oil out of the source material, in percolation, the seeds transform to oil by exposure to hot steam. As the source is not directly exposed to heat or chemicals, the produced oil is of higher quality compared to the one gained from solvent extraction. Anyway, since percolation uses heat to make the required steam, again, this cannot be regarded as the optimum way of oil extraction as the cold press is.

3. Hot Press Method

As the name shows, in the hot press method, an external heat source is involved in oil extraction. Like what occurs in the initial steps of the cold press method, the source materials are ground to a paste. Afterward, the mixture is heated via an outside source. The point of heat required to extract the oil is usually provided with the means of hot water or a direct heating element. In small scale hot press extraction, the heating elements are run by the electricity while in some other large operations, the required heat to run the pressing process can be provided by natural gas. Although adding standard points of heat to the extraction process can yield the quantity, it damages the seeds' original structure, degrading the quality and color of the final oil.

Cold Press Oil Method Contrasts with the Method Mentioned above in the Following Ways:

- It doesn’t damage the oil’s natural properties.
- It doesn’t involve the use of any chemical substances or solvents.
- It does retain the oil’s purity, potency, color, flavor, and nutritional value to the possible extent.
- It keeps the extracted oil perfectly healthy, and the depreciation level in the oil is very low.
- Its power consumption rate is lower than all other methods.

How is Cold Press Oil Made?

Cold-pressed oil is produced using the cold press method. This method's overall procedure is the same as what is done in other oil-producing techniques; however, here, the oil is generated without any additional chemicals or heat. Any type of cold press oil is extracted just using pressure. The main principle of this method is to make the oil out of the seeds without any involvement of external heat. Cold-pressed oils are usually made via a mechanical machine which consists of a screw device in the middle. When the motor is activated, its screw is tightened against the seeds to produce high-quality oil. As said before, what mainly matters in the production of cold press oils is the quality, but not quantity.
In some variation of the hot press method, the oil is produced under high friction and added pressure, creating some heat in the system. Since this heat is generated internally and no supplemental heat is added in the process, the oil made with the expeller method is often considered cold-pressed. Despite the cold press method is not free of heat (the heat generated through friction), it doesn’t harm the oilseeds’ molecules. As a result, the oil is produced with its natural antioxidants, vitamins, and flavor retained, and consequently, the oil is considered cold-pressed. Some of the common types of cold-pressed oil are as follows:

  • Coconut oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Corn oil
  • Apricot oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Cashew oil
  • Borage oil
  • Strawberry seed oil
  • Hazlenut oil
  • Pistachio oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Peanut oil

What are the Features of Cold Press Oils?

Cold press oils are an excellent choice for cooking. These oils have the same  flavor, scent, antioxidants, and nutritional value as their oilseed counterparts. Furthermore, all types of cold press oils are naturally free of any trans fatty acids and also cholesterol. Cold press oil is primarily used for cooking. Cold press cooking oil offers a richer flavor, so it can be tricky to cook with. Olive, sesame, sunflower, canola, and coconut oil can be extracted using cold-pressed methods and used for flavor in marinades, salad dressings, and baked goods. In general, cold press oils have lots of great features that offer you a healthier life. Some of these significant features are as follows:

• They are cholesterol-free.
• They are not refined, deodorized, or processed in any way.
• They do not contain harmful solvent residues.
• They contain no added chemicals or preservatives.
• They contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g., Vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g., Lecithin).
• The natural flavor and odor are retained, enhancing your favorite recipes.

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What are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils?

Researches done in the field of food industries indicate that those oils produced via cold press method are more Eco-friendly compared to other types of oils. The main reason behind this issue is that the extraction process through which the oil is made (cold press method) doesn't involve any additional chemicals. Therefore, the cold press oil doesn’t contain any impurity and retains its natural features.
Cold-pressed oils are extracted with quality in mind. In the cold press method, all the efforts are made to produce high-quality oil, which offers you a healthier life. Cold-pressed oil is also thought to have increased nutritional and health benefits. These oils are typically rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Cold press oils also have a better shelf life than other oils, which means that it's less likely to go rotten.

BD45 cold press oil machine

What is Cold Press Oil Machine and How does It Work?

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, engineers created Cold Press Machine with a new method in which the oil is produced without using warm seeds. Within the cold press machine, the oil usually reaches a maximum temperature of 30˚C to 40˚C, which does not harm the oil's chemical composition.
When the seeds are poured into the cold press machine's cylinder, they undergo high pressure driven by a large screw. As you activate the machine, the screw press starts to mash the seeds to squeeze them tight and take their oil out of them. When you turn on a cold press oil machine, you must set your heater's temperature relative to the seed. For sesame seed, for example, you must set the temperature at 75˚C.
When extraction parts are heated enough, you can start machine. now, the motor will start working and gearbox can rotate the pressing screw over the seeds coming around. Whenever the seeds reach the nozzle, the process of cold pressing is done. After that, the seeds change into the oil. In the final step of the process is the draining of oil flow out of the bottom of the cold press machine cylinder.

What are the Features of Cold Press Oil Machines Produced by Bekrdaneh Co.?

Bekrdaneh Co., located in Iran,produces many cold press oil machines for all kinds of applications. Cold press machines manufactured by this company consist of many different parts, including motor, gearbox, inverter, screw, nozzle, cylinder, and many others. This factory manufactures different cold press machines for various purposes like household use, shop use, and factory application. There, as for the price range, we shall say that it profoundly depends on the size of the machine, meaning that the most expensive cold press machine is the one with the biggest size and vice versa.
Keep in mind that as the screw of the cold machine press needs some heat for smooth rotation over the oilseeds, we have to add a specific heater to our machines. Without the required heat, the oil extraction will not be done with the expected efficiency. Nevertheless, it is truly worth saying that the overall temperature of Bekrdaneh products will not exceed 45˚C under any circumstances.